A List of Canadian Enterprise Blockchain Pilots

I put together a list of publicly announced enterprise blockchain pilots in Canada. Did I miss any?

(I only looked at pilots that are specific to an application within a large enterprise or government context. I did not include research efforts or startups)

  1. TMXPayments Canada, and the Bank of Canada: Blockchain Used to Settle Stocks in Bank of Canada Experiment (Project Jasper) (Link).
  2. Government of Canada expanding Blockchain technology experiment with IPFS implementation (Link).
  3. RBC experiments with blockchain-based loyalty (Link).
  4. National Bank of Canada (NBC) and J.P. Morgan test blockchain technology with NBC debt issuance in the US Financial Markets (Link).
  5. CGI and National Bank of Canada pilot a blockchain guarantee and standby negotiation platform (Link).
  6. The Canada Border Services Agency Pilots IBM Maersk TradeLens Blockchain Solution (Link).
  7. Bank of Montreal launches a blockchain-based pilot for fixed-income transactions (Link).
  8. Government of Canada to pilot new blockchain-powered ‘digital identity’ prototype for air travel unveiled in Davos (Link).
  9. Air Canada to Integrate Blockchain Travel Distribution Solution (Link)
  10. RBC is experimenting with blockchain to help move payments between its US and Canadian banks (Link).
  11. SecureKey and IBM are working together to build a blockchain digital identity network with BMOCIBCDesjardinsNational Bank of CanadaRBCScotiabank, Sunlife and TD (Link).

[Edit: removed a duplication; added the SecureKey pilot.]

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