What is Ovahi?

In 2011, I took a 4-month leave of absence from my then employer, Deloitte, to slow down and think about life. I spent a month in Chile, eight days of which were on Easter Island (one the most remote places on earth). It was a transformative experience. I felt a calm that I rarely experienced. I was at peace. The feeling was unmistakable when I visited a little beach on Easter Island called Ovahe. It immediately became my special place.


Later in 2011, I decided to leave full-time employment and start my first company, Ovahi (name inspired by that beautiful beach). Even after the launch and fail of the Club Ovahi app, I decided to keep the name, URL, and company to use for my professional activities.

I hope one day, not too far into the future, that I would go back and visit Ovahe beach, this time with my wife and two kids.

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