Whatever Happened to Enterprise Blockchain?

Earlier this month, Coindesk reported on how IBM’s blockchain team has all but vanished. Missed revenue targets, reorganizations, and layoffs seem to have deprioritized IBM’s blockchain efforts and blended its offerings into the rest of the business. Is this yet another sign pointing to the elusiveness of enterprise blockchain? — Blockchains enable value exchange and shared... Continue Reading →

Move Fast and Break Wallets

Around the globe, digital financial services (fintechs) that claim to serve the underrepresented (unbaked or underbanked) are causing widespread hardships. While ostensibly “democratizing” and speeding access to financial services, time and time again, fintechs are taking advantage of regulatory gray areas and exploiting users, who tend to be vulnerable. For example, in India and Kenya,... Continue Reading →

Post-Mortem: Why My Startup Failed

In 2011, I took a 4-month sabbatical from my job to reflect on life. This led to me leaving the job and leaping into the unfamiliar and unglamorous life of an entrepreneur. My first project, Club Ovahi, was a failure. I was recently inspired by the Without Fail podcast to reflect on exactly what happened and why... Continue Reading →

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