Club Ovahi Archives: What to look for in a mobile loyalty platform? Simplicity, throughput, data & value

So you’ve decided to equip your business with a mobile loyalty platform.  A smart move for any business looking for a competitive advantage, increased foot traffic, and the ability to better engage/research their current customer base. While it is in fact a “smart move” for some, those who misfire on execution with their mobile loyalty app are... Continue Reading →

Club Ovahi Archives: Why Mobile Loyalty?

With nearly half of all Canadians going mobile with smartphones – according to a recent study by Ipsos Reid – local businesses can count on greater pressure and bigger expectations from newly-empowered customers. But can retailers also count on increased consumer loyalty from such patrons? Well, maybe. But they certainly have to play their cards right.  And they better... Continue Reading →

Club Ovahi Archives: How to Increase Retail Sales When Doing So Seems All But Impossible

Distraction.  The retailer’s greatest enemy.  Especially in today’s age of instant gratification and constant exposure to advertisements, text messaging, and social media, most retailers can only pray they get through to their target customer…let alone move them to make a purchase.  Mix in the pressure of decreased margins, lower entry barriers, and increasing competition, and... Continue Reading →

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